I’m the problem but I’m also the solution!

There are many situations in life where we don’t take the right decision while even knowing that the decision we are taking is not the correct one. This often causes confusion, distress, repentance and anxiety. The biggest issue is the aftermath that goes on inside us after we have caused an eruption but we may have done it without knowing the consequences which can end up hurting even more after we find out what the consequences are. The thing I realized today is that I may be the problem but I am also the solution. How could we possibly be our own solution to our own problem? Don’t we often need outside guidance or support from our guides, the thing is that no matter how much we learn, love, respect and pray to our guides we also must be the one to take the actions suggested by them accordingly too. “It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the light.” Just like it’s so easy to convince yourself or justify to yourself that you are right and you should go with your wishes. In the same token, when we make mistakes we have to take corrective action and understand that what our guides are telling us are right. Sometimes we have to listen and learn from our guides without always knowing the “why” at that time and if we find out the “why” later on after we made the wrong decision it hurts us and makes us suffer for not knowing that the out come was not what we had imagined. We have to take right decisions and know if we’re in touch with a trusted guru then we should listen and learn how to take correct actions regardless of the confusion that may be going on inside or out. We have to take our lessons seriously because the situations could always be worse. So let’s listen to our hearts and guide and make a change in our habit of the decision making process

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