Money is so new…

It’s so interesting that money, trade and barter has been around for several thousand years but in the big picture it’s not that old, even we as a human species are not that old in comparison to the Sun, Earth or some animal species or variations there of. How do we use money today? We use it to sustain or enhance our lifestyle or are status, money in this era has become a means to fuel our ego. Although, for some it is still a means of putting some food in their stomachs. More people in today’s age are affluent or at least have shelter and food. Whereas, there were times where none of this mattered as much. It was all about hunting and gathering…we as people think we have evolved to the ultimate beings but we are still new just like the trade of money. We have just produced paper and have given values to certain needed and desired items, along with values of our time, work and efforts. It is true that many people are always trying to make themselves or their status higher and better but why? Why do we do this? Has our current society created such trends? Even a mere 1000 years ago this financial status wasn’t given much heed, rather loyalty, bravery or jewelry/land gave status not just paper and values. It is merely paper that makes this world go round, when I mean paper I just don’t mean literally cash but also the electronic funds that sit in our online banking accounts. It’s a phenomena which I believe will only evolve into something new in the future but for now it’s something we should try looking at with different lenses…some people use money for status others for pieces of food but the goal is the same to survive while alive. We need to improve our mindset and society’s view on this new type of paper called money. Let’s just remember that money can’t buy life or breath.

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