You die to be born and are born to live…

If you believe in the cycle of life and death like I do you would realize that this life is a mere speck in the time of existence. We ALL any living being comes and goes, then comes and goes, then comes and goes. It’s a cycle that we go through like a washing machine that cleans the dirt out every time the laundry goes in and then the dryer dries the laundry out and voila the laundry is clean again, but still they get dirty again and again and again until they’re worn out, ripped or stained. The beautiful part is that we are like clothes even with stains, rips, being worn out etc we come back through the laundry or recycled cloth that burns in a land fill or remains there as waste. When we’re dead our body either becomes dust over time or instantly. The destination is the same but the beauty that I’ve learned is that the invisible part still remains…just like God still remains. The journey we have from life to death and over and over again until freedom is the best part of the ride if we’re human and even if we’re not we still feel the desire of satiating ourselves with food or water of some sort. We are all like seasons we take birth in the spring, gain nutrients in the summer, train in the fall and take a test in winter. Then the process starts over again until you become finally free of the suffering and joys, the sorrows and the wounds, the hatred and the jealousy, taking life for granted, the fear or optimism it’s all cleared at the end of our spirits journey. We become free from bondage and dreams, emotions and soul becomes realized and then we leave everything behind. So we just die to be born and are born to live then die again until the final time whenever that may be for us. In Jainism, they say it takes 8.4 million lives to actually get a human life but, I believe in our karma the most, and our karmic accounts which can easily bind to us from small or large deeds and if small it can become huge from minor mistakes that pours like the monsoon. I have experienced this with myself. We have to live this life to its greatest and make the very best of what we have, we should be grateful for what we have while we are here. We have been put out here for a purpose and I believe in the small picture it varies for each of us but in the big picture I think it’s similar for all of us…I think our (the human species) ultimate goal is spiritual progress we just have to go through our own twist, turns and ringers to figure out how to get to the destination. I wish all beings progress in an upward direction wherever that may lead them.

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