Do you have faith in yourself, your guru, and God? Keep the faith…

First of I believe God is ubiquitous, the lord is everywhere and has been present in all era since any living being has taken birth on Any planet. We all come from God’s seed so why do some of us not keep the faith in the almighty presence that has brought us in this world from microscopic elements? It’s so easy to lose faith if an upsetting situation occurs in life but what can we do to keep the faith in all situations and trust in the grace. I believe that first we must have faith in the God that resides in us, that is the almighty presence of our souls which we cannot see but we can experience. I’m not by any means an expert but have learned from the greatest Guru to have ever existed. But Im sure anyone who has a Guru or Guide thinks them to be the best which I understand. If we have faith in the Guru who helps instill faith in the self then all is well we must just believe in ourselves, our Guru and God. I must say that last night 7-16-19 it was a full moon, it was Guru poornima which means the full moon of the sacred Guru in which I felt blessed to have his grace in my life. I have unspeakable faith, gratitude and love for this Guru, the person other than my parents who has protected me like a son. I have faith in myself and must maintain the faith for my journey, I have faith in him and the almighty omnipotent God. Faith is trust and trust is truth I give my trust, truth and love to my loved ones. We lose faith sometimes in life because of tough situations either created by our karma small or large, also it is a fact that sometimes a small little deed or karma can turn into the giant karma from the depths of the earth that takes you on a scary ride. So the way we don’t lose our faith is by keeping the faith within strong because sometimes we don’t feel our Guru or God is there or we may not have a Guru or belief in God either way life can be difficult sometimes…so we must hold strong the faith from within because that is the power that will takes us all the way home safely. The Guru and God are always there just sometimes invisible.

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