My Nanaji (Grandfather) would have been 100 today 7-16-19!!

Today is not only Nanaji’s 100th birthday but a celebration of the ubiquitous light he has illuminated our lives with! It is also Guru Purnima today and the first day of Chaumasa (Chaturmas)…I believe that this date of his birthday should be remembered and revered always as it goes to show he was a soul of great importance. He was the epitome of a person, and I feel that his ethical code of conduct went above and beyond the times he resided in. It’s truly extraordinary that we all are part of his seed in some way which brings a sense of gratitude to God for the connection we have with him and this connection will always remain spiritually. I have unspeakable words for the way Mamaji articulated his thought and emotions, it was truly inspirational. I’m blessed to be a part of the “world of knowledge”…Vidyajag family.

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