I am good for something…I rebelled….

I was about to head to bed and I told my mom that I would help her fold some clothes then she said “should I hand you some”…I made a tired look at her and then said “I’m good for nothing” which made me rebel against myself. I went to go brush my teeth and came back with immense energy even though I didn’t sleep much last night I was tired but a force came into me and said. No, this isn’t the case I AM GOOD FOR SOMETHING. Then I stomped back into my Moms room and didn’t say anything but with purpose folded the rest of the clothes and took care of her work. She was grateful and appreciative afterwards. So sometimes in life we got to rebel against ourselves and prove to ourselves that yes, we are good for something, someone, and many things if we just believe in ourselves then our self image rises. May it be a small incidence like this or a matter of life and death…it’s the way we think about our lives, ourselves and the belief we have within to do the right thing. I love my family very much and I’m strong and committed to the responsibility of ensuring they’ll be okay.

While I was folding clothes with my Mom, I stopped and thought about the memorable video I made with them and had a brief synapse or thought about the adversity my Father has faced since he was five. He started working with his brothers to support his family when he was 5-6 years old. This made me feel so upset at myself…how could I have spent my whole life the way I did without knowing where I came from. Yes, I knew but I never realized the depth of the reality of my history. I’ve taken this life for granted and have been showered with kindness, love, blessings, fun times, a gamete of experiences that have got me to where I am today. I’ve always said that if I work a millionth as hard as my father I could accomplish my mission, my destiny (which I believe is not related to this lifetime only). He has been working hard since childhood til date and it’s in his blood, the two souls that made me deserve the best. I am good for something and will continue to challenge myself each day and beat my score from the day before.

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