The full moon 7-16-19…

Today was a monumental day as I saw the light…taking a walk outside I gazed at the bright moon then asked Siri if today was a full moon…she replied “The moon is full today.” I looked up in the sky and then prayed to the shiny moon and thanked it for the light it gives me every night. I walked back into my home and was shutting the shutters and through the edges I saw a reflection and initially thought it was the moon, but as I veered back it was the reflection of the lamppost then I realized that all light whether it’s natural or artificially generated light, which is mostly white and represents purity, truth and happiness to me or even heaven. I thought why not try to look up to the light as an example and become stronger from the light my eyes see whether my eyes are opened or closed. This light can give me the strength I need to progress in life and become stronger with my decisions of life. Light is pure truth and strength within, I feel that the light that resides within us is the same that naturally resides outside us. It’s one and the same, light is love, light is God, light is heaven, light is positivity, light is faith, light is gratitude, light is belief, light is trust, light is truth, light is love, light is faith, light is hope, light is strength, light is optimism, light is sun, light is moon, light is guru, light is soul, light is God, light is life, light is death, light is Each and every color and it illuminates our spirit and lives.

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