The flower that dropped from God…

I was just praying in my little temple at home and I was trying to meditate after my prayers. A thought came to me towards the end of my meditation (this is on the same day 7-14-19 that I made a deep touching and memorable video with my parents). I told myself that I should go to my parents and apologize for the so very difficulties I’ve given them throughout my life. Then I asked myself what would I do or say or how would I react if my son came to me and apologized to me for all the difficulties he has given me. Then I thought I would respond with compassion and tell him out of love, beta (son/child) I love you and you have not given me difficulties yes, there have been tough times but you’re one of the greatest parts of my life. So I thought instead of saying “words” of sorry to my parents for giving them so many challenges , I can just take “action” and give them the very best I have within me. Then towards the end of my meditation, I saw some sparkling light/dots. Afterwards I said, God please bestow your blessings on me. Then when I was getting up from the temple there was a flower on the Shiv Ling, I picked up my water bottle and it slightly tapped that flower down from the Shiv Ling onto the table. Yes, it was my hand that picked up the bottle and accidentally touched the Shiv Ling but it occurred to me that it’s a sign from God that I must take “action” to make my family’s life the very best it can be, while I’m here…alive and well. I earnestly admire my parents so much that they do deserve the best and I vow to myself to give it to them as long as I can. I love you mom, dad and my dearest family. I pray to God for blessings to give my family ultimate happiness/bliss “now” and “forever”.

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