The video…

Today my parents and I had a deep discussion about life experiences and the history they’ve had. It was recorded and it made me feel immensely grateful to have this life with these parents and this family. I’m so passionate about my family at times but maybe I don’t give myself enough credit for all that I’ve given to them. I feel like my parents and fore fathers have given us blessings from God that have allowed us to be born into this culture and spirituality. I love my parents, wife, kids and family very much they have been the happiest part of my life. They have only and always given to me unconditionally. My soul has felt their love and it will always be with me, that is my faith in my being and my souls existence. “God is all giving” and life is a huge blessing that has been given freely and can be taken freely. We come with karma and hopefully leave with less karma. That is all we have attached to us not any physicality. I thank God for all the blessings he had bestowed upon me and am grateful for this life I’ve had. Thank you God.

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