I was the culprit!

Earlier today I was talking on the phone trying to buy a reverse osmosis mineralized filtration system. I was walking back and forth so caught up in trying to get the best deal and discount. I walked along my path but at the same ended the path of an innocent snail that had caught my vision just a few minutes prior to it’s death. I unintentionally stepped on a snail and ended its life, yes, I know to many this may not be a big deal but to me I was very sad and felt horrible. Perhaps it was part of my karma or the snails that it had to die by the step of my shoe. I don’t post these things to tell you about my nature but rather to make others aware that every being tiny or large has a soul, spirit or sets of karmas that they need to surpass to progress in their path of progress. Times like this makes me realize that we should all be compassionate towards other beings may they be humans or animals, even if some of us kill and eat other animals it’s part of our karma to do those types of deeds, we were either born into the habit of eating meat or born into vegetarianism. When I was 13 my parents told me that if I wanted to eat meat I could but I never had the desire to support the harming of other animals. I continue to be vegetarian even today. We all come into this world to become a victim or victorious but it’s part of destiny or karma. Why do other people kill other people or why has this killing or hatred been going on from the time only animals killed/existed until now? This human life is so difficult to get yet we don’t know it or don’t always value each second. This killing has existed originally for survival and now we vegetarians still feed off of plants that live in some way…maybe without a spirit or soul…but it is a means of survival. This process of survival only goes on when we have a physical shell or chassis covering our ethereal spirit…after we become bodiless permanently we get freed of the need of suffering or mortal/physical survival…our existence changes and we’re no more culprits!

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