Love and live good without limits because justice and truth is eternal…

Love never hurts when you give it…love heals but it does heal the self and others around you when you’re virtuous and truthful to yourself. We all should be positive and passionate fighters to live the best life without limits. That life involves a whole lot of selflessness after you’re done being selfish. What I mean is that we must have a strong desire or almost like a type of greed to know ourselves to the ultimate truth of our beings. We can help and give to others while we work on ourselves and it takes lifetimes for us to know the truth of our own spirit. This spirit is limitless and most pure regardless how we use it in this lifetime because justice will prevail. Our karmas or deeds…good or bad will catch up to us at some point. Truth and justice always prevails. We have to keep the door to our spirit open in order to experience the light or color. At minimal points in life we shouldn’t feel sorry for ourselves we should always remember that our spirits are the strongest and they can surpass any worldly hindrances or problems. Think and feel the opposite of the negative to become more positive. If we are negative more than positive at times we must re-train ourselves to think and feel positive, grateful and blessed and then retain that positive feeling. If you want to achieve, accomplish something positive…anything good…than listen to your heart if that doesn’t speak than take your guardians name(s) and you will be able to do it and achieve it.  Most of all trust that your spirit is limitless but your body is limited. Anytime you have any negativity ask yourself will this thought/emotion give you true or complete answers or any sort of satisfaction or will it harm me? I once realized that there is fakeness in many worldly things and thoughts that are ALL only temporary …just try to merge all your thoughts into one thought. (I have learned this lesson about merging from a late Guru). Always look for the best in yourself and others try to complement yourself and others in all types of situations, we are capable and limitless in being. God is of justice…why do we fear…what do we fear…we are a part of the almighty and one day in a lifetime of the future we will acquire our truth, our justice through our karma.

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