Study, study, study!

Sometime back I was reading my little one a mini book called “Study, study, study”.  It talked about a character who would study and continue studying regardless of the distraction of his lazy friend who sat on the couch all day with his belly plopping out with popcorn dropped all over the ground.  The point was that it made me realize how I myself can easily get distracted by the supposed fun activities versus studying hard to make my life’s moments the best possible.  It made me think about how my beautiful younger son was trying to learn the difference between studying hard and hardly studying.  It made me think of my efforts towards making life the best it could be or at least better than it was from the day before.  I talked about distractions in one of my earlier posts and how to overcome them through the process of commitment that includes acceptance of adversities and accomplishments.  It’s so easy to get caught up in life’s so very many distractions it could be a movie, the tv, a friend, dinner plans, a natural disaster, a break up, a lost business deal etc.  So just like there are many ups and downs in life that involve any sort of excitement or problems…our efforts to keep going at it (studying and not getting distracted often) we can achieve our goals.  Just like life has distractions and life has variations of good and bad so do our “goals”.  We can have goals to study for a test or we may have the goal of being the richest person in the world, regardless of the smallest or largest type of goal, there will always be ups and downs so if we get into the heart of things we’ll understand that both ends of the emotional scale are just part of our individual goals and also part of our individual lives. So let’s take this realization into the heart, mind and soul and move ahead with passion for all of our small and large goals.

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