What thoughts do we really want to entertain?

What thoughts do we really want to entertain?  There are myriad of thoughts that pass by our heads every day, every hour, every minute and sometimes every second.  There could be any type of thoughts for example, religious thoughts, what someone else thinks about you, sexual thoughts, fearful ones, emotional ones that create deeper feelings in our heart, rather than the negative or positive thoughts our body physically reacts to.   We have so many worries, fears, insecurities we all do internally whether we admit or not, God did not make humans perfectly for the reason of progress of the soul.  So why do we easily entertain the negative thoughts that seep deep into our minds, heart and bodies?  The interesting thing is that these thoughts wither there way into our heads and sometimes they stay there and become recurring thoughts, why do we especially entertain negative thoughts and often we do it without even recognizing that we’re entertaining negative thoughts! It’s so easy to entertain a thought like, “I’m not good enough or assuming that another person thinks badly of you because according to you you made a mistake etc” but the reality is that other people sometimes don’t notice your mistakes because they are too wrapped up in their own thoughts.  Why don’t we try making a habit of having recurring positive thoughts, instead of the negative ones that may have been chatting in your mind for years or decades.  Just like any new change it will take time, effort, consistency and failure or adversity.   Let’s entertain positive thoughts through understanding our own thought patterns or by feeling our emotions which were a reaction of our thoughts.  We can always reverse engineer the process, if we can understand what type of emotion we’re feeling or what type of mood we’re in we can also try to understand the types of thoughts, experiences or reactions that created those feelings.  One way or the other we have to stop entertaining our negative thought process and stop feeling negative at times, even though it’s natural.  We can always learn to free ourselves from our minds negativity through a new conscientious change of understanding patterns and building more positive experiences that will manifest positive feelings and hence thoughts.



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