Slow down…take your time!

Life goes at the speed of light sometimes, it’s so quick just like light that we don’t notice or even know what we’ve done or are doing!  I wish we could all slow time down and by slowing ourselves and our lives down! Sometimes we must slow down and stop for a minute, it’s a crucial action to give ourselves “peace” of mind. It’s like sleeping at night in the dark, when we’re asleep our brain is active but our conscious mind or thoughts are not in there normal active form.  Darkness is what life has become for many, we must take a minute, slow down and gaze at this beautiful white light reflection of the sun that not only give us energy, it gives us life and also peace.  I believe inner peace is the first per-requisite or step to slowing down and enjoying this so very precious life we have been given. Perhaps just relax the mind for a minute by relaxing your body.  Let’s take our time for certain types of goals or activities so we don’t fall flat on our face, which will naturally happen sometimes.  These can be goals like making a health lifestyle change which requires patience and consistency.  Or it could be taking time out to write your loved one a lovely greeting card.  Let’s just “try” to slow down time by becoming aware or conscious of what we’re doing, even though as we know time never stops in this human realm.

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