Smile deliberately…

When we don’t smile often enough we lose touch with our emotions, at least this is what I’ve experienced at times.  So how do we make sure we’re connected with our core?  I believe that sometimes we have to make ourselves smile on purpose if we can’t find joy or comical things to smile about.  It’s about giving the smallest and easiest joys to yourself and others.  When I smile my heart smiles too and I get goosebumps sometimes, it’s a great feeling.  When I smile on purpose to feel a certain positivity or emotion it physically creates a beautiful expression in my body, it’s interesting how the way we feel emotionally is how we define how we feel physically and then mentally.  We should smile more often on purpose to create a sense of gratitude for all that we have, I close my eyes and try to smile on purpose not just casually for comedy or in conversation but to feel appreciation and a sense of gratitude or a feeling of elation that I have this life, this smile, this breath, this family, this self, this food, this home, this potential, this happiness and most of all this love. Also, a smile spreads just like a yawn. Try smiling on purpose to make yourself feel good.

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