De-cluttering our minds and lives is the first step to plant a seed of positivity.  Right now our seed can grow a plant of positivity. Negativity will be there but positivity will out grow it. When we clean out the mind of self limiting types of beliefs, thoughts, emotions or experiences the possibility of optimism comes into. When the seed is sown we must learn how to nurture it to its fullest potential, so it can grow to the capacity of heart and minds which I believe our tools of endless capacity.  I believe this optimism is possible only through the ability to clean ourselves out of our negativities from time to time.  I believe the way to do this is by is by continuing to plow the garden of our hearts and mind.  We should never stop showering our beings with water of beautiful rosy emotions and thought-less pure love so that optimism can shine through from your being, from inside to out.



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