Short term pain, Long term gain!

It’s so easy to pamper and spoil our children but “tough love” is only sometimes important which helps make your children more independent in the long term. Sometimes we have to be harsh with our children especially when they do something wrong. I remember I got into deep trouble with my mom once and she reprimanded me very badly. She is the kind of person who is selfless and full of love, patience, purity and worldly wisdom. I always had her unconditional love to support me throughout good and bad times but growing up there were times I’d get the “tough love” but would listen more willingly and accept punishments because I knew how much I was loved…she communicated her love to me through her actions AND words…I had it made I had the most precious and best mom growing up. I got the balance that was perfect for me growing up but then I myself made small irrelevant decisions and incurred karmas as I got older that didn’t give me the best outcomes in this human lifetime. My destiny of helping others is still very possible to fulfill as and when my soul come back to this world and takes human form again. So yes I’ve also had short term pain but I have faith that I will have long term gain that will benefit the world around me.

When it comes to my children I try to give them my attention, love and play time they need daily. They are part of my long term gain because they are pure hearted souls which will flourish even in the most difficult scenarios. I also try to stay active with them, we play tag occasionally and I get reminded of the physical pain and the emotional gain. Not everything is pain and gain or short term or long term but rather life and we humans are like an action figure fighting game that allows for the small, memorable moments like playing ball with your son or the big moments when your child graduates from pre-school. Life is a fight, a challenge, a gift of pain and gain. This physical human touch is so amazing it can change emotions or how you feel. Example, your physically getting tickled slowly you may feel good or scratchy. It all depends on how we look at that human touch sometimes it can mean pain or hassle to some and to others it could be gain or pleasure. If we make this life an action game and you’re figurine fighter is immensely strong than you can set an example for your children and yourself by becoming fearless and overcoming any challenges that may come. I say let your kids watch good movies that show both sides of life and let them be exposed to the necessary when the time comes, educate your children to be smooth fighters. All of this game is an action game we are doing something every moment at the very least we are breathing if we’re physically alive. What we are looking for in life is often right there the whole time, we just have to discover that pain and gain, give or take, pros or cons whatever balance you call it. Our fight is ongoing until liberation. We should never let anyone influence you or irritate you to take wrong actions because that will bring more pain instead of gain. We should all have faith and trust that we’re never alone until we leave the cycle of life and death. Pain and gain is the game.

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