Chaiji’s (Grandmother’s) wisdom

My dearest, wisest Grandmother always used to say don’t go to wrong places or don’t be outside of the home late at night because that is when all the bad things in this world happen. My very wise Father used to tell me this when I was young…only if I would have listened and acted upon his words of wisdom my entire life may have been much different and perhaps better. It’s so easy to just over look what your parents or guardians had told you in the younger years and instead simply listen to your inner desires and curiosities and act out accordingly. If only, as we are young we would listen to our parents or guardians carefully we would still definitely make mistakes but rather we would at least learn at some point. At times it becomes too late to listen in life and at times you’re learning comes in handy right before it is too late. Life is so very delicate and so are our hearts, emotions, behaviors and thoughts. So in order to make the value of our lives the most precious it can be…we should at least consider what people around us and especially trusted ones say. Sometimes people deliberately lead you the wrong way as they don’t want you to be safe or succeed…people can confuse you if you take the situation or words to heart. Although, other times trusted ones in our lives can give you knowledge and show you the path to the biggest blessings possible but our immaturity or desires or unknown carelessness can take us in the opposite directions. Always listen and consider what the trusted ones say but don’t blindly trust ANY ONE ever always come to your own conclusions and finally decisions.

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