Your best never comes easy!

I’ve been told that will power to achieve doesn’t come easy, it’s the determined feelings of a situation, desire or goal that makes your will achievable. We should focus on being stress free, not worrying and most of all being positive and staying that way, come what may. Help from the almighty is there to teach you lessons and to protect you from any negativity’s that could be the worse than the already worst situation you’re already in. Help is always on the way we just have to keep the faith. We want to make the pain go away and have a soliciting to continue to keep it away for as long as we live. Yes, painful situations arise but what are the techniques we can use to mitigate that pain and understand there is a much broader plan for pain you’re going through. We all are innately mentally stronger than we think, we create images of our self that really aren’t true all the time…we tend to grasp onto the negative and accept it as reality. We must realize our own truth, mistakes and learning experiences to bring out the best in us. It’s not easy but is anything in this life truly easy? This humanity is a place of negative and positive forces that make us who we are by our own thinking. We think that thinking and actions are easy to do but trust me when it comes down to it…it’s not easy. We believe the first and foremost trace of human life…the first to last breath we take is easy or automatic. It’s not, breathing is a system that we’ve treated very badly. It comes down to taking for granted the things we’ve been blessed with. It could be your hands, eyes, ears and in this case your breath. People who smoke ruin their precious lungs and in turn aren’t able to breath as best they could when they were children. We often take this life for granted so often and easily, which is why it’s so difficult to give our best to anyone or anything. We must move forward, step up and change this life’s mindset to one that is grateful for all the little elements of life that we have been given absolutely 100% free. We didn’t ask to be born in this world or have one arm or have 6 fingers. It just happened and it’s all a gift of karma and challenges….that at a young age or birth gave us purity and innocence and we didn’t take life for granted at that point. However, our individual circumstances and possible conditioning mixed in with our innate personality or nature has given us the opportunity to take this life for granted and enabled us to not be able to give out our very best.

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