I won’t be afraid!

There are so many supposed fears we go through from birth until death. Like for the first time we ride a bike and fall off or the first time we start swimming on our own. The things I mentioned are the material worldly fears that most of us go through. Some of us go through the fear of having food to eat until the next meal, the poverty stricken ones have the least fear though because life has taught them to be strong. We who have worldly comforts have the most slightest fears like…”what is he think of me?” Or “will I make enough money this year?” There are so many deeper concerns we should have as a humanity. Yes, we can still have our worldly worries or insecurities but we should try to look a little deeper…are our worries truly the root of the cause of supposed fear…isn’t “worry” a brother of “fear”? Yes, fear or worry starts with a thought and then gets manifested in the form of feeling fear. So worries and fears are aspects of life in which I believe should have a different threshold, meaning, we should try to reduce worrying or fearing the smaller matters of life and try to take a step deeper into ourselves and our purpose. If we introspect for a moment, we will realize that our life is limited to the constraints of time, and no matter what anyone says or believes your last breath can occur at ANYTIME, there are people out there that will tell you that certain time or type of death is in your astrological charts, I believe that karma and God take care of it all. So if our life is limited than why do we fear the inevitable death or outcome, we should be in sync with our fears and turn them into confidence. It doesn’t happen over night it but it can be worked towards with faith in God. So let’s not be afraid of small or large fears let’s transform them into confidence by introspection of our feelings and thoughts. We must find our voice from inside. “It’s too easy to turn a blind eye to the light”, let’s look at our own light inside and mitigate the fear.

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