Does stubbornness waste time and energy?

Well in my experience and in my thought process, yes, stubbornness definitely wastes a lot valuable time and energy. When my wife and I used to fight we use to spend so much time arguing and we still do sometimes….although, we now try to stay quiet when the other is angry or adamant. We try to wait for a cool calm time to discuss our thoughts and feelings and understand each other’s point of views. This takes a lot of practice but I think that stubbornness is a quality that has to accompanied by patience. So that means let’s say to the other person we are disagreeing with hey, I need some time and then walk away from the conversation. Yes, we all live in a world of instant gratification but we need to learn patience and commitment to ourselves when we have a stubborn nature. Stubbornness can be solved only when you’re willing to add a change into your life or if you’ve had a deep experience or revelation that changes your attitude. There are ways to improve each emotional and mental quality in the human psyche. It’s possible we just have to be willing, honest and open!

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