“If music be the food of love, play on!!”

Love is different to everyone, there are so many types, depths, meanings, emotions and most of all connections that keep LOVE a strong part of many of our lives! To some love is to surrender to God or your guru. Is it ironic that the color we identify blood and love with is red. Well, I don’t think it’s ironic because the epitome of this humanity’s survival is because of physical blood and emotional love. I don’t think it’s coincidence that these two elements have matching colors in our minds…even though blood is physical and love is emotional. If we come together in this world, then we all win. This world is not a game of fame or power it’s a plane that has the ability to connect us all and disconnect us all, it’s up to us whether we choose the connected path or not. That path brings us power of love of others. This could be something as simple as giving the person walking by you a cheery smile, even if they do not acknowledge it…you still gave a smile with a whole hearted intention. These smile add up as a contribution to society…I heard that if you can’t be there mentally then feel there. This camaraderie of love that exists in much of the world helps us feel good and grateful to be part of the “Humanity Realm”. This music of love, starts with the self first and foremost. It can be as simple as the “hydration station”, if we give ourselves nourishment of plenty of water and food then the hydration station plays beats that make our heart move and those beats create an inner love for the self and others. Life and love is abundant if we try to look at life and love with those lenses. Loyalty to self, family and friends also creates immense love within and out. Let each musical beat of the heart play on!

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