Driven by power can create freedom!

Freedom can be expensive, it depends on how you look at it! Is it freedom from worldly situations or freedom from our very selves or freedom from mortality. Freedom can be expensive if our karmic account becomes heavy and we don’t do anything to fix it. Just like our debts if we don’t gradually pay them off it becomes burden or accumulates…the same goes for karma. How can power drive us to create freedom and fix our karmic account? Power is a very versatile word but in it lies a general meaning of extraordinary strength it could be financial, spiritual or emotional. I believe that freedom from mortality is the biggest freedom one can have. I think that we all go through suffering of some sort to get to the ultimate point of true freedom. Many of us have angels on our shoulder but we forget that they’re there. We should live in hope and faith not fear. As mentioned in another post mitigating fear can create confidence which can then lead to power (hopefully mental/spiritual power) which leads to whatever version of freedom you choose, believe in or desire. Never inflict pain on others because of your power and freedom or confidence. We should rise to the height of goodness, yes, it’s not possible all the time but we can strive for it in our mind and heart. We have to embark on a journey that takes us to the freedom we want. That state of being can be beautiful I imagine, we don’t want to be our own mind and hearts enemy, let’s conquer ourselves. It all starts with listening inside us and outside of us. We have to keep our energy levels high so that we have enough physical and mental juice to reach our goals. Believing in ourselves can create a feeling of natural euphoria. These natural feelings can also heal any wounds. The opportunity to be free is everywhere if we just seize it.

The simple equation to me is fearlessness=confidence=power=freedom.

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