The study of yourself is one of the most interesting parts of life…how do we know our own nature, wishes, passions, needs and soul? I think for humanity the way this age or era is going this study of the self will have to become more and more prevalent and essential to our education in schools and all throughout the human lifespan. Acceptance is another big element that we all must grasp at some point whatever our situations, mind and heart might say or believe. It’s interesting how acceptance of our life’s experiences and gratitude for those moments good or bad can take us towards the path of “Yourology”. For example, when we go to a doctor that doctor analyzes us from head to toe but can that doctor see the insides of our body, emotions, feelings and do they really know what may or may not be going on inside that body of yours. Even when you have cancer we depend on technology and images to help us determine issues and resolutions, but we don’t know the happenings of the inside of the body, no one knows until an autopsy is done during the time of death. Point being is that the study of “Yourology” can make you the most intelligent person on the topic of your mind, heart, body requirements and soul. Also, another example is when you’re crying with emotion out of happiness or despair you can understand your own thoughts and feelings and also experience the physical sensations in your body at that time, no one else other than YOU can do it. We must keep that courage and drive within you to be an expert in the science of “Yourology”.

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