Anxious thoughts that create Anxious feelings…

Anxiety is some type of worry about future possibilities or outcomes. Why do we as humans now get anxious over the minuscule issues in life? Anytime I get anxious I try to replace that thought or feeling with a positive internal response that wipes our the negative reaction. This isn’t easy but we have to become aware of our thoughts and feelings in order to overcome this issue. Anxiety of some sort happens to all of us! I think one of the first steps to improve your mindset is to just simply do good (or do the right thing) and serve. This will help to balance your karma account balance as well😀 Sometimes many of us including myself get too self absorbed which is also the root of anxious thoughts, worry and sometimes even fear. We have to learn to give to our spouses, children, parents and siblings. If we do this giving with a creative method than all of our self absorption’s start to diminish and we also start to become more aware of ourselves through the activities of selflessness. We have to smile from the heart, be strong and continue to fight with optimism and purpose. We should try to gain more self control not only internally in the mind and heart but also externally of each difficult situation that can have the tendency to bring some degree of anxiety within. We must think positive, continue fighting and conquering ourselves and properly identify what’s going on inside. If we become grateful from the results or even attempting these efforts to become less anxious then eventually this gratitude turns into confidence, which can forever change your life. We have to look at the person in the mirror everyday and be the change itself not just look out of habit but look with the sight of introspection, understand what bothers you, know yourself as best you can, learn to give yourself a break from life’s endless situations. I believe.

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