Aren’t we all kids?

Well in today’s terms we started out as kids but some are growing or have grown into adults. I believe that at any age we all are still kids, our hearts can be young forever even if our bodies don’t cooperate. Age is just a number you can be 28 or 82 it all comes down to your individual perspectives, perceptions and most of all sets of experiences that individually define your persona. I feel like we all crave history because it often does repeat itself, in the Jain teachings they say the world ends and begins again every 126,000 years. We all are just a mere speck in time yet in our minds we are the ultimate beings who strive to find our calling or purpose of this life. We truly are a little dot in this universe and galaxies that was created from minute pieces of sperm and egg. We all are just children in the hands of God and this Mother Earth, this life and journey of the spirit is adventurous and and has many twists and turns…I say our mindset can keep us young forever!

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