Intent is important!

One time a friend told me that people can fake good deeds, which is true.  It made me realize the intentions of my heart and mind have to be solid, we should never do good deeds just to be noticed, or given credit to.  We should think and then take action with a pure heart and mind.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the political mind games our mind plays with us.  Yes, I want to have a big home or a nicer car like my friend does, it’s our mind that fools us into wanting more and then eventually manipulating our intention for our desire to have the very best.  This is not jealousy but rather a game of intent that your mind plays with you.  There could be two different outcomes, one could be that you want that big house like your friend because you want your life to be as supposedly good as your friends life may be.  Or on the other hand, you could want a big house because it’s something that you truly liked or there were attributes about your friend’s house that you inherently liked.  It’s interesting how intentions can be conceived internally from very different perspectives. Let’s do good from our minds, heart and souls and not let the political mind control you.  Have the right intentions, we all know whats right and wrong inside our heads…and then our hearts.

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