When I want to do something bad, I try to think about hell as eluded to earlier.  I’ve realized that the subconscious is the only way is to communicate to your being that negative things aren’t right for you.  This alternative consciousness can help us to LISTEN to the good calling of our hearts and to want to do right instead of wrong.  Think of hell when you want to do something wrong.  Sell to yourself, convince yourself, persuade yourself, to take the correct ACTIONS don’t give up. You have to keep on doing it with constant effort is required.  Because it’s so easy to get persuaded by the devlish calling in our we have to constantly listen to our good callings from inside our being.  I was told that we are our own first Guru, when we come into this world we start naturally learning how to simply breath, we do so much for ourselves as we grow in this world.  Then we start getting conditioned by others around us, it’s interesting how we develop our own innate strengths versus developing acquired ones.  We should always optimize our own innate qualities first because we are naturally good at those things and will tend to better with those types of jobs or activities in the future.   I believe the subconscious is one of the closest attributes to your soul and innocent nature. Let’s all truly try to not get affected by our negative thoughts.

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