Celebrate Life!

Today is the 18th death anniversary of my dear Grandmother, my son shares the same birthday as her as well.  So why do we sob over the departing of our family members, rather why don’t we celebrate their life, their accomplishments, their nature, personality, love, smile, the great parts about that departed soul’s life.  When I pass I hope that my family will CELEBRATE MY LIFE instead of crying, they should have trust that our souls will meet again, I trust in that. I don’t want them crying, sobbing, or feeling sad I want them to be happy that I lived a great life and enjoyed each moment of my life.  For the most part, I’ve had a FUN life and have lived well.  So my wish is for them to occasionally look at old pictures or memories and then reminisce on the good times we had together.  I don’t want them to think of the hurdles and difficulties I’ve been through I want them to focus on the positive.  My Grandmother was a strong woman, she had diabetes for 40 years but lived a very self-disciplined lifestyle.  I’m proud to be her grandson and pray that my family will celebrate their family member’s lives as they pass on, instead of feeling sad.  I want them to think that they are continuing onto their spiritual journey that lies ahead.  Surrender to God and let the insecure, hopeless feelings vanish and put faith and trust in him no matter what your mind might think.

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