Why do we hurt or not pay enough attention to the ones we love?

Sometimes we are so consumed with our own lives, that our minds take over and we unintentionally neglect, yell at, or get frustrated with the ones we are closest too.  We are not able to give them our precious attention or love, we don’t mean to hurt them but it still happens sometimes.  Especially with the people we consider our own, the people we feel will understand our bitter and raw nature at the time of anger or frustration.  We take those people for granted.  Sometimes we are so consumed we forget that our loved ones are a huge part of our calling from inside.  If it wasn’t for the loved ones family/friends around us we may have not even been able to recognize our purpose of this life.  Most of us go about these days, in this ERA being so self-consumed that they don’t even know what they’re truly the best at or how they can give to the people around them and to the society surrounding them. We are so attached to the norms of this era that it has become an inconvenience to give undivided attention to the parent(s) who brought you up, fed you and gave you shelter.  It is sad but true, this is the era we live in and this is the norms today’s society has created.  We should give attention, love and sincerity to the ones that mean the most instead of taking them for granted. It is easy to take loved ones for granted but when they’re gone you realize they’re priceless value.

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