God helps!

God has helped many great people he will also help us.  When you can’t do more raise your hands to God and say help me…save me.  I try to use my heart and feelings so I can follow my intuition and I try not to allow my mind to take over.  God is great and we bask in his glory everyday of this bless-ed life.  I try not to do anything that will bring my soul downward, instead I try uplifting my soul.  Always thank yourself, give yourself credit for all the good that you do everyday of life, even the smallest things you do should motivate you to do better and become the best person you can become.  Don’t do anything that will harm or depreciate your Guru’s efforts to help you, become an asset not a liability.  All the time we have to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here and now. The way to be happy is to make someone happy. Make them laugh or do them a favor, feel good about how God can help you to help yourself first and then others.  I’ve heard that the mind takes  and the heart gives….do small steps sometimes the big goal will come…it’s not an all in one shot.  The big shot doesn’t always work so push yourself to achieve small daily goals.  I believe God will help, have patience, have faith and most of all give love to self and others around you. Seeking him is grace in action.

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