How images and emotions can motivate us?

I’ve sensed that black is the color of silence, at least when I close my eyes the first color I see is black or then indigo, it’s an image of what peace and silence looks like to me.  It’s like hearing your pulse through your ears, its a feeling that makes you sense you’re alive.  Just like the feeling of alcohol or intoxication, in history there has always been something to take you out of your sense, a feeling so strong that we want more…the opposite emotion which is contentment or fulfillment is also a way to motivate yourself and realize the value of this life.  So the image of silence along with the feeling of hearing your pulse can be strongly motivating.  First, when you close your eyes you should remember that one day your eyes will close when its time for you to finish this specific life.  Second, the heartbeat that you feel and hear makes you realize you’re alive.  So you have two constant companions that make you realize two opposite ends of the spectrum of life, one is life and one is death.  So we should value this heartbeat and remember that one day it will end.






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