We all are Enough:)

When I was young I occasionally thought I was not enough but knew that wasn’t true it was just a thought that was instilled in me when people made fun of me and my name and that thought embedded emotions that weren’t real.  We ALL are Enough, we all are equal just our circumstances are different based on our karma and decisions we make in life.  I had a gut feeling that God had great plans for me but things backfired based on the type of decisions I made which altered my destiny in this lifetime.  But I believe that my mission will still be helping out the greater good.  There is still unfortunately twenty four hours in today’s day, in which man created these parameters. So if time is man made does it really even exist in the Godly realm? I don’t believe it does exist, it’s only just a human gage.  Whatever decisions we make, we do to learn and progress in our souls journey.  Sometimes if we didn’t do all what we were supposed to in this life, we sometimes can take another human life and fulfill our calling, our destiny.

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