Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today!

Tomorrow never comes, it’s always today that comes when the sun rises.  For many, many years my parents have been telling me don’t put of til tomorrow what you can do today.  It’s true, sometimes you think of doing something but the thought elapses and you continue on with your life and that little action that you thought of doing may or may not come back to you so if it’s not a big distraction to your goals for the day, then do it…take time out and do the small things that you’ve thought of.  Try to be as productive as you can, getting proper sleep is a big piece of that equation.  So many times in life I’ve thought of doing BIG tasks but I put it off thinking my supposed destiny would take me places which didn’t really happen.  So I’ve learned to seize the day by seizing the moment and I try my hardest to be consistent, productive and to not put off til tomorrow what is possible for me to do today!

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