Do we pray to God out of fear or righteousness our dharma what is our truest intention?

One day I was at an Indian temple and I felt the ego in me ringing the bell loudly at the mandir (temple) was it my ego or shradda (devotion) how do I differentiate?  When we are transparent (with ourselves and the world) our intentions become clear.   So it’s easy to sense the first feeling or inkling or intention you get immediately after doing an action, you may think about it before doing it but it’s more important to recognize the intention after the action because you might realize the reason you were doing that action is different than what you originally thought.  Just like when I rang the bell loudly I thought it was my ego but then afterwards I felt a strong devotion towards God, it’s not because I fear God but because I want to be close to God, I am one with God and I believe we all are.  Our intention of praying and being virtuous shouldn’t be fear it should be a commitment to ourselves to be the best human we can be and that is giving strong heed to God itself.  I also saw a charitable man giving $5 out to every child at the temple…this was a nice deed…one could say he’s showing off and another could say he is very giving.  Regardless, of what one or the other thinks it’s important to see what you yourself feels and thinks is right.  Don’t do any action for show, do it with a pure heart and let others think what they want, don’t be concerned with other peoples thoughts.  If you don’t have money, give your time, ideas, love and self to others you associate with…my wise guide told me this once. Money is not everything peace and joy are in the heart, soul, mind and in giving.  Money is just a means of sustenance for most and can be a means of self-lessness or helping others you are the one to make the choice. I believe our truest intentions are to pray to the Almighty not out of fear but out of our pure hearts, souls, minds, devotion and to do good and serve through the intention of “goodness”.


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