Don’t react negatively or yell at your kids!

Yelling on kids isn’t good but being firm with them while making eye contact makes all the difference.  Yelling at them will create resentment and fear within them.  We must befriend our children that is the only way to be.  Don’t react…self-control (especially in moments of tension) is the solution to find peace, friendship, understanding and true love in the parent child relationship.  We as humans have all the same fears even if we admit it or not. Don’t abuse, misuse or use negatively your power as a parent or a person.  Frustrations are the root of anger and can be developed through repetitive frustrations, small scrapes can make huge wounds.  So we must control our reactions towards our children before it gets too late and they get out of our hand.  It’s so important to be patient when you’re child is shouting loud, or turning all his toys and room upside down and creating a huge mess that he may not clean up, we must be patient in order to build a trust with you and your child so they don’t feel hesitant in telling you the truth.  They should include you in their life instead of being internally fearful of you or the wrath of anger that comes out.  It happens once in a while but it should not happen all the time.  Life gets crazy, busy and hectic for every parent but we have to learn how to deal with the responsibilities that life throws at you, including the handling of your children. Build a relationship where your child knows when you’re serious and also when you’re child knows they can confide in you.  This will be especially important when that child passes the age of 12 and start his/her teens they need to be able to talk to someone they can trust.  If you’re too harsh on them all the time they won’t feel comfortable in talking to you.  So make it a point to improve your behavior for the benefit of your child and more so for your own benefit as they grow older.

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