Have a big heart!

Sometimes in life it’s easy to cut corners or take a short cut and saving some money on someone else’s accord or it can be difficult to even have a big heart especially if you’re not rich. I remember in the 1989 movie National Lampoons Christmas, Chevy Chase’s boss cut out Christmas bonuses which were expected by his employees and it led to a big revolt. So we should have a big heart even if it means giving away hard earned money to someone who is in need or needy. I try to have a big heart but it’s challenging sometimes when it comes down to giving away free amounts of large amounts of money to people who already owe you money. I’m referring to one of my Dad’s tenants. My Dad has a heart of gold he is giving him money so he can move on with his life he had been having some personal issues etc. That day my Dad also told me don’t be in a rush with my work because later on it can become a problem to recoup what was done or said. This is very true and I try to learn from that but it’s very difficult because of old habits but everything is possible with God, faith and efforts. So I keep trying to learn I’ll be learning til my last day that is what I strive for.

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