The debt of karma!

How do you make your karma’s that of a deserving life? How do you do good actions/karma to make this life and all your future lives better and make sure you are deserving from the eyes of self and God?  I believe that God would say that you must be honest with yourself and feel deserving of good things in your life through the internal sight we have in which we can assess ourselves and our actions…then it is up to God to manifest the rest.  I believe unpaid karma to others can be a huge debt, especially if you’re a person who has received more than given in this lifetime, or if you have been receiving love and protection from the same person for several years.  I pray that I will be able to nullify my karma and pay it forward to the souls that have been so selfless to help me during this journey of my life.  I’m thankful to have received that help which also would be a consequence of my past good karmas.  So let’s set our intentions to give back whatever we can to the people/souls that have helped us a long the way and the debt will start to diminish with the efforts of your good qualities that will shine through to others.

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