Anytime you want to do something bad think of hell!

So knowing isn’t experiencing, anytime we know we’re about to do something bad we haven’t experienced the consequence as yet.  We must have inner strength and self confidence to save ourselves from any problems.  My cousin sister told me this and it is very true anytime we want to do something bad we should think about going to hell.  We should save ourselves before taking any type of negative action.  This is a way to save yourself from the bad karmas of life.  I’ve learned to try and always give the benefit of the doubt to others in your life…you don’t know what the other person is passing through with their own situations and life.  This is another way to not think badly about other people, but rather to become aware of the fact that others may be going through some rough times.  Becoming mindful can help with being more positive and patient before taking any negative action this is a good way for you to save yourself from accruing any bad karma.

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