How to not create debt..

Sometime back one of my uncles was talking about how to only buy within your means and spend within your capacity. If you plan then all will be okay, may it be buying a car, house or business or even splurging on a hair style.  It has been so easy for many of us to get caught in the thresholds of credit card debt or debt in general in this country of America.  It is so easy to only make a minimum payment and carry on accruing massive interest and debt.  Thankfully I had learned my lesson when I was young and always pay my charges in full.  Although, why is it difficult to buy within your means and spend within capacity?  Again, it comes down to desires and attachment that we all go through, but how do we satiate our wants and desires before they go hay wire. It’s definitely an art to budget your spending which many of us don’t do and come to find out that we have to withdraw from our savings account to live on.  Let’s be aware to not create debt in the future, if we start making that change at some point and stick with it, it’ll eventually catch up to us and we will be out of debt.

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