Sparkling Soul!

A few months ago, I looked in the mirror and saw a speck of g litter under my eye and realized that we all have a sparkle in our souls that we should use to enhance our beings.  I’ve learned so very many lessons from my parents, they truly are the most humble, kind, extremely wise, purest hearted and morally sound people I know.  They have a sparkle in their souls, they were meant to have the very best of what life has to offer.  They will get what’s in their destiny through the soul bondage they have created in this life together, I promise that to them.  Why do we mostly look outside for material satisfaction and not deep inside where the sparkling soul is. What is inside us is the most precious treasure and can give us relief from any sort of symptom that we may have, yes, including cancer to depression to a sprained ankle.  Through the process of meditation (which only the Guru knows) which is the real medication not the pills that we often seek out gives us real freedom and comfort and a way to exude externally that sparkling soul that exists deep inside our hearts.  May all of us find a way to let our soul sparkle and know our soul’s truest nature.

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