I asked God for refuge in his kingdom to let me come to him safely and peacefully when the time comes. I am sincerely wanting to move ahead in my mission of this life and help to help myself and others. I have asked the lord to release me of my desires and to give me strength and courage and wisdom to live well and enter his abode into my bliss.  I asked God to help me be committed, strong and decisive and not to give up easily or ever in my journey towards the absolute and true freedom.  We are so lucky to even have a “figure of God” that we all can look up to, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if man didn’t have the idea our thought of God and we just lived without having a concern for any higher power or any motivation for doing virtuous deeds or doing the opposite with bad deeds.  Let’s be grateful even if we don’t believe in a certain God but we believe in a higher power, it makes us better people because we are as many say “God fearing” we enter his abode with gratitude and hope for the best possible outcome.  God bless us all. Thank you God for giving me the thought of you not being there to make me realize how lucky I am to have you in my life, you have always been watching over me, thank you dear God.

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