Satisfaction and Success = Ambition

Today I received a quote on WhatsApp that really touched me and made me realize how personally important satisfaction is to me but sometimes desires overtake the utmost importance of being personally and intrinsically satisfied.  The quote goes:

“A satisfied life is better than a successful life.  Because our success is measured by other. But our satisfaction but our satisfaction is measured by our own Soul, Mind and Heart.”

This quote hit me and made me aware and back in touch with my innate nature.  The way I am and have been since childhood is somewhat competitive and ambitious but also a good, respectful sport.  So I’ve overlooked my personal satisfaction during certain times in life, because the ONLY way I’m satisfied is through achieving success.  Success is defined by each individuals meaning of it.  To me I must be satisfied internally in order to be successful which makes me ambitious.  So I need to take more steps in order to be self-disciplined and hence, satisfied.  Let’s all introspect to understand what our own internal trigger is to reach success regardless of setback, until that success is realistically achieved.



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