Has anyone ever seen God? Or is there trust through experience, faith, hope and love! According to me Jesus, Shiva, Mahavira, Buddha, Allah all are from the same source, there shouldn’t be divided religions in humanity we should just pray to the higher power of goodness which is what we all understand.  There are just different ways of expressing similar values and meanings in all scriptures.  I wish there was less disparity about the ultimate power who brings us this nature, this humanity, each other and connects us all.  We are all from the same source, I wish that this humanity would learn that and that we would have a collective realization and awareness that our goals of spiritual progress are the same.  Yes, there will be individuals who may be evil but this is due to their karmas, upbringing, circumstances and environment in which they were born.  I wish we could focus on the positive power that makes us go through lessons to understand the ultimate truth of oneness.

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