Sometimes you need a negative experience to wake you up for your calling!!

I’ve learned that the biggest battle is with yourself no matter how many negative situations you go through.  Why does it take a really bad trip to quit something sometime, it may be any substance or habits.  For example, do I eat like an animal when I’m hungry?  Yes sometimes, I do because I’m starving.  So later then my stomach suffers, it’s a small but negative experience and even these small things like eating properly can affect your health and if you’re not up to par it’s not the most conducive situation to achieving your purpose.
What a journey this life has been….from birth til death we are conditioned by our circumstances and sometimes even adults surrounding us like our parents, uncles and aunts.  Although, at a time where we start making decisions small or large ones… life changes into a life of reactions and responses to our decisions…some are negative and some are positive. How do we avoid putting action into our reactions?  Sometimes when we grow up we make bad choices and the results create not only reactions from others but also creates reactions internally that create sadness or happiness during the realization of a consequence.    Meaning how do we grasp our reactions so that we don’t have to repent later on and even if we do, we should do our best to learn from the negative situations so that we can move upward in our spiritual journey or our calling or purpose or mission whatever you may consider it.

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