Sounds of Music…

I’ve finally heard the sound of silence (its like a constant beep) which made me remember the sounds that motivate me like electronic music. Some beats are progressive which I like but others are soothing which I also like.  Us humans have since inception of language put meanings to words.  We as humans have managed to give meanings to these sounds. Words are only sounds put together, I guess the meaning becomes intellect.  These meanings or words are what makes up the usage of our time.  I’ve always wanted to make myself and people realize that their valuable time they’ve been given by God should be used effectively.  Although, if I couldn’t do it myself earlier and even sometime now how could I preach to others. I’m now trying to learn to live and manifest my thoughts, words, and emotions so that they can come into reality.  I hope that these sounds of music and time can create our awareness of what blessings we’ve been given.

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