How do we conquer or detach from our taste buds…

Having attachment to your taste buds is one of the toughest things to conquer. It’s funny how we taste something delicious for the first time than we keep wanting more.  May it be soda, chocolate or pizza.  It all starts in childhood we get attached to certain types of foods that become our habit foods when we grow up.  For example, I still love eating pizza like I used to when I was young.  Who knows my Mom ate a lot of pizza when I was in the womb, maybe it started there.  Regardless, it has started from somewhere, so how do we tame these taste buds and overcome our habit foods.  Just like anything else we have pick and become self-disciplined in our food choices.  It’s not easy but it’s doable, we make choices of what to eat every day, it’s just a matter of setting your mind up for the change and once your mind is determined then your taste buds will also start to give way to the new tastes. Also, I wanted to mention Class Dojo, it’s a great teaching tool that teaches your children about, honesty, integrity, perseverance, compassion etc and other great qualities this can even help in forming new habits for your children including eating habits, it’s all related.

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