I used to flit here and there for guidance but only a true guru who proves himself through example is fit.   He is an example of all he preaches that is how my Guru is. Flitting here and there will only give despair if you’re lucky to find a good guide the one who leads by examples, the one who doesn’t allow ego to penetrate him or her. Find your own truth we’ve come alone and we’ll leave alone. So why worry?  I have often worried about death. I believe in the formless, shapeless, and holy.  I try to realize the the supreme in each one of us.  Only a finding a real guide is good luck/karma and they can get you to the ultimate destination if you’re devoted deeply.  But luck can be made by decisions, as I’ve read in a message forwarded to me.  So make good choices and decisions so your fate or luck has the potential to enhance your life or your mission, it can be the true journey to real freedom. Choice, Decisions, Action, reactions, efforts are all up to each of us.  That is what makes us or breaks us.  We can’t believe that it’s OK to blame our circumstances or situations. So be truly present it is easier said than done but it is possible.  The right Guru for the World can lead future generations down the right path.  I believe that this Guru will spread out and it will happen one day.

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