Will power!

I once had a deep conversation with a friend and he told me a bit about will power that I even wrote down because I was touched by the way he suggested to never give up and keep on trying.  He talked about how will power wears out…ie if there’s exhaustion you will want to break down at times. Change doesn’t happen perfectly that doesn’t mean if you fail you give up. You just get back to doing it. If you fail don’t give up.  It’s part of humanity.  Don’t live all or nothing. Just keep trying to get better. Self-mastery is challenging. Your will to live a different life is possible just stay on course even if you fail from time to time.  So it’s strange how when I was young my parent were told I have a lot energy and will power.  I did but it got lost somewhere along the way but I’m working on getting it back, so I can make this moment part of a great journey.  I suppose we have to be compelled by intense emotions or be passionate to keep our will strong and perseverance so that we never give up.   Another friend also told me that will is “reason to marry feelings”, which is true if you feel strong about something then you’ll do what it takes to get there.  So even in lull times I try to think about my ultimate goal and mission so that I can come back to that intense emotion instead of getting distracted by life and all its attractions

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