When does love become attachment?

So there are so many types of love, but the one that start the whole cycle is the love in which two people have intercourse, it may be love or it may be casual but the point is that sometimes pregnancy occurs and a new life is born in this world!  Some of us have an innate attachment to our children whereas others are in dire situations where they have to give away their babies not to say they’re not attached but their circumstances are different.  Point being that Love is also a cycle of reproduction, creation, love and then eventually attachment in some form, could be Parent, Child or Husband, Wife or Brother, Sister these are the roots of emotional attachment.  Then there are love for experiences, substances, movies, food etc it could be anything.  These types of attachments are the frightening ones because they could lead to the ultimate attachment called addiction.  But is that ultimate attachment a form of self-love, fear or escape or maybe just like an infatuation one has when they’re in a relationship at a very young age, it’s not true love it’s just a desirous feeling.  The ultimate attachment should be with your soul, the one that doesn’t take another being to create love, almost like a self-love not self-absorbed but rather a love or such a strong attachment to your soul that your feelings to be attached to anything else in existence doesn’t exist.  That type of love is the ultimate love that few achieve, so I try to feed my soul with food like prayer, meditative relaxation and peace in the mind and heart.

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